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Soulja Boy

Yellow chain on me nigga
I swag you already know
Came in this ocean gang, you might splash on your hoe
Ten rings niggas know, bitch I'm that fucking nigga
World around town my last wrip, cars, eight figures
Ocean mobb we gon' splash
My young nigga he got the cash
I talked the Uzzy like Tony Montana, my young niggas were walkin in Atlanta
Got so much fucking cash
Bitch you know I got swag
They back from hotel, bitch I got swag self
Black Jack, yellow bone in the passenger, I damage ya'll
Heavenly when you see me nigger
I'm cashed up, you can't have a...
Good damn, Soulja post it up in California
You don't want them goons on ya, they'll blist you room homie
I'm so motherfucking fresh, I'm so fly, nigga you know it
When I put up in a trap, all that cash to my...

Paper, paper, paper(2)
Yeah we get, paper
Paper, paper, paper(2)
All about that paper

Everyday I'm getting money
Came out the water like a Anaconda
My young nigga, he is 14, he talked the Uzzy, and even stunning
...gotta go grill, my young bitch, she gon' keep it real
She gon' suck my dick, while I roll up
Nigger, young nigger I'mma blow up
My hood is wild I told ya
All my jewelry frozed up
A lame nigga can't get close to us
So much money on my shoulder bro
Las Vegas and MGM, ... was MCM
Fifty bitches on the swimming pool
You the nigga, go take a swim
Cashed up, when I put the money on ya head
Bitch you heard what I said, got that Bentley painted red
God damn my swag is turned up
I came from another planet, outstand in an immaculate swag
Got a hater like: -God dammit!
Kill yourself, bitch slap yourself
I'm that nigga that wanna be
Ocean gang, blast gang... cost a hundred billion

Paper, paper, paper(2)
Yeah we get, paper
Paper, paper, paper(2)
All about that paper

My bitch suck my dick on my fucking private jet
I'm the shit on the Internet, god damn, I'm the best
Lil' Dre, flex ten chains, I ain't got to stress
Bitch you know what my damn name, I came to the planet for this
Man, god damn is Lil' Dre, codename Soulja
God damn we stupid deep, bitch you can fuck with, OG, OD
I'll be smoking to the OD, all that bitches niggas know me
My jewelry is so frozed
Came out the water I'm so holy
And you know your man bitch chosen you.