Bitch I'm water whippin, water whippin
Water whippin, bitch I'm water whippin
Bitch flyin down the highway, flexin with some gold chains
Tearin up my fuckin ring, 15 I got fuckin water whippin

I'm water whippin (bitch!), water whippin
Bitch I'm water whippin, I'm water whippin
10 Trap spots, holding rocks in that foreign drop
Bitches in my fuckin clip, suckin at my fuckin chain

What? Water whippin, take off
On the block (what?)
In the kitchen (who?)
Niggas ridin with me (ridin)
Must be serious (must be serious)
Foreign whip I'm ridin
Yea that's real foreign
Catch me stuntin, take off
Stay grindin, soulja splash
Water whippin (water whippin)
I got money (I got money)
I'm going swimming
Get money (cash out)
Swimming, bands bands
Turn up, bags bags bags
Pop xan xan xan
Kick stand stand,
On codeine, on codeine
2 Cups, true got fipes on freeze, on freeze
Sippin lean, sippin lean
Might trip, might trip
Ak 47 as I water whip

Water whippin, water whippin (I'm gone)
Water whippin, water whippin
Flexin like a fish in a bottle in that new thing
50 On my fuckin ring
Tear this, I'm fuckin water whippin
Bitch water whippin
Pussy water whippin
That's me water whippin
What I'm doin?
I got a bad bitch with me as I ride straight got high
Got that hypnotized rules in the trap

Water whippin, water whippin (who?)
Got a ticket (what? Damn)
Call these convicts (where? Fuck em)
On these mid streets
I pull off flexin, take off
Bang 10, drag 10
I got 12 bad bitches and I'm switchin 30 racks
In the kitches they be kissin
My diamond glisten
My diamond glisten
Scarface mansions, I'm water whippin
Feeling good, I'm gone
On the hood, took off
Me is rich, let's get that understood, soulja

I'm water whippin, water whippin
Keep them bricks, keep them bricks
Nigga took me swimming, you ain't shit
Pussy nigga, pussy
You will fetch this gold bracelet on my wrist
I be fuckin the red bottoms versace kicks

Water whippin, water whippin
Water whippin, water whippin
Water whippin, water whippin
Water whippin, water whippin
I got 200 bands on me right now
When I walk inside the club, how knows?
I'm rockin wild

Water whippin, water whippin
Water whippin, water whippin
Got them brand new jordans on my feet, I'm a big dog
Step inside the club
Bitch poppin just like real, soulja

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