Life is short and I suspect
That this is a good as it gets
Last night I spent my last
two dollars on a pack of Menthol

Back home there's a rainbow
and there's a pot of gold just out of reach
Out there there's a goldmine
in empty cola cans lying on the beach

California Sunshine
gotta tell the world about it
California Sunshine
What a wasted life without it
All my troubles gone
Lying in the California Sun

Maybe I could sell some stuff
Maybe get enough to buy a rock
Maybe I could hook up with
some tripped out runaway girl
who like to talk

California Sunshine
I just can't say enough about it
California Sunshine
Can't imagine life without it
Everyting's more fun
Lying in the California Sun

Suddenly a cloud to small to rain
covers the sun like a curse
reminding me strangely of Brian Wilson's brain
as I reverently watch it disperse

California Sunshine
I wanna write my friends about it
California Sunshine
All their wasted lives without it
And I'm the lucky one
Lying in the California Sun
I'm the lucky one
Lying in the California Sun

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Composição: Jan Leyers / Pat MacDonald. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.