I Love Almost Everybody

Space Ghost

[Space Ghost]
I love you
And I love me
I love the fishes in the deep blue sea
I love most anything
As long as it's free
I love almost everybody
Ya, know
Love is a happy time
All throughout the universe
It's when the male part of the species
Goes to the female part of the species
And says, "Hey, you wanna go on a date?"
Then she would say, "Why, yes, I'd like to go on a date!"
If you're lucky
And then you go to a restaraunt
And she gets something called a salad
And then he gets a big piece of beef
That he eats
And that to me,
Ladies and gentlemen, Is love
Kind makes you cry, doesn't it?
[Space Ghost]
I love you
And I love me
I love to hear the robin
Go tweedle-dee-dee
(Isn't that nice)
If you love somebody
Better set them free
Set them free
Set us free
[Space Ghost]
Hahahahaha...I don't think so
I love almost everybody
Good night, everybody

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