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Why Don't We Talk Anymore


I got to seek in my heart
it's not easy to start once again
is it a good thing to save
a love that's only a name
or let it die again
"I feel ok" you say "I'm not sure"
oh let me tell you this thing once more
I I can read in your eyes it's so easy
the million things you want to hide

why don't we talk anymore
tell me baby baby tell me
why don't we talk anymore
let me try with you once again
just like your friend

I'll speak to you heart to heart
this love will tear me apart
I'll get the short end
in my brain just a name your name
you again
friend keep me as your friend but keep me
words I don't say because of my pride
while this love for you's just a ride
i really need it to survive


it's not easy not easy
to beg you this way
i'm goin' crazy
i need you like the air
that I breathe I'm so scared
why don't we try once again
if you really care


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