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It's All About You

Tracie Spencer

When we first met
stole my heart away
Your love was incredible
Then you began to change
You used to make me feel special
Now all you do is make me cry
I gave you my everything baby
But all you gave me was lies

(Chorus 2x)

I, I try to be the one for baby, you you
never was into nothin'
what I do, do
That's why I'm leaving
'Cause it's all about you
And not about me

When we get in a fight
I'm always the first to apologize
Even if it was you who did wrong
I never do enough to please you
That's why I can't go on
No matter what I do for you
It's never any good for you
You always got to complain
That's why I got to say
I can't stay

(Chorus 2x)
Selfish baby
Anything you want I do
I never understand how you
Could treat me bad and be so cruel
You're begging me to come back to you
Baby I gave you all my love
But what I had was not enough
You turned around & broke my trust
Got the nerve to ask me
What about us?

(Chorus to fade)

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