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Acceptance in respect to how you say your prayers
To one from whence we came who has no name
As branching factions fractal in symbology
A oneness which breaks unity from roots which claim we're all thesame

If "every opposition carries within it the seeds of agreement"
Then "the brighter your virtue the higher you'll rise"

So if your past approaches you
Preaching comfort, don't be fooled into a war you'll lose
Keep still and she will pass you sooner
And if it's silence that you fear
Yet you pray the noise will clear your mind
Keep still and let the unknown tear you from your thoughts
And set you free from the games you play

Acceptance in respect to how you live your life
For you and only you may bear your weight
As branching factions fractal in philosophy
Your oneness may seek unity in centered stillness -- unnamedfaith

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