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Big Red Sun


She's left holding the reins
Sullen and embarrassed she
Drives the bridal carriage now
She's gained only his name
And promises left rusting on suburban lawns
And from his chair he stares at walls
And withdraws into his dream-life

She has accepted her fate
Brokenly discarding a better homes & gardens
She heaves domesticity's weight
On bones that ache from shouldering the load alone
Cause she could never make a home in the world
Behind his dazed eyes

So she complains he never spent
A single minute in this world
Cause he prefers the one inside his head
And all the while he's never heard a word she's said

Here is the power of dreaming
And here is the lonely call "come home"
Dig me i'm a jet-fuel stunt-car
Mcqueen and knievel and son all rolled into one
Big red sun imploding

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