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Roll a backwoods full of OG
Now these labels wanna clone me
I ain't signing to nobody
Cause my whole life I've been lonely
But now I'm focused on paper
My fan? Bitch, you just a hater
I'm grinding so call me later
I'm tired of being famous
Hang on to your dreams and chase it

While smoking not rolling papers
I'm copping with drugs
I'm faded
I'm high with hallucinations
I stick to the woods and face it

I'm jaded I'm ruthless baby
I smoke to the room
Its painted, don't listen to rules I made it

The drugs and the contemplation
Of how ima never make it
Keep going, it's always raining
See puddles of moderation
I paint when I see you naked
Just enter the room and wait
'Till you see the smile on my face
And I'm posing for all the frames aye

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