Foto do artista Spring King

In All This Murk And Dirt

Spring King

Lets ride through space and time
Who knows what we may find
I'm searching for life she said, I need it badly

This place is occupied
A system that multiplied
This isn’t life she said, the blood wont leave my head

Passing through every room
Watching the orchids bloom
They’ll be here before were born and then after were gone

I won’t surrender now
I’ve come to make it this far
Life is uncertainty, endless eternity

Sometimes the joys hurt
In all this murk and dirt
Keep searching for what you love
It's coming, it's coming

Blue skies and plenty air
The sunlights burning glare
My veins can feel the flow, I can feel it

Searching for peace of mind
Nature helped me align
In all this murk and dirt, there’s something to be found

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