Same old people with the same old faces,
Trying to tell you that they'll take ya places,
When it's so clear, something that they'll never prove.
You get the same old people going round in circles,
Trying to tell ya that it's gonna work,
When it's so clear it's the one thing it'll never do.

Hey ho, gonna take a rain check,
Don't know what I'm gonna say yet,
But I know we're gonna make it through.
One thing going through our mind now,
Don't know what we're gonna find out,
But we know we're gonna make it through.

Same old people in their ivory towers,
Trying to tell you that they've got the powers,
To change the rules, make it so you win or lose.
Same old people open to suggestion,
Makes me sick, it gives me indigestion,
Glad to say, something that we didn't choose.


So why? Why? I wish there was an easy way out.
I said we've got most of our own problems,
We don't need theirs too.

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