I think I'm going slightly mad
It might be all the dreams I've had
It could be all the things I've seen
All the things I wish I'd been
I'd like to introduce you
My friend called Fred, you got one too
He's the guy who tells you what to do
He's the one who knows better than you

I kinda find it hard to sleep
So I try my hand at counting sheep
But all I got was repetition
You can't get to sleep by doing addition
My friend called Fred is always right
He gets the last word every night
But now that really is a pain
'Cause what he says is all the same

My imaginary friend
Many's the time I wanna kill ya
Know I shouldn't really moan
But you're always there when I wanna be alone

My friend called Fred is never bored
He just steals what he can't afford
And no he never gets the blame
'Cause he just uses a false name
Look at this guy who's stood by me
It's obvious he's out his tree
He's acting like a crazy man
But I think that's part of the plan

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