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Always Talkin', Never On The Run

Squad Five-0

You talk talk about nothing
And nothing ever gets done
You're choked up about something
But you're never on the run
Talk talk talk
Talking 'bout what?
Mad mad mad
Shooting off your mouth
Walk walk walk
Walking 'round in circles
But nothing ever seems to happen
Shut it
Shut it up
Shut it down

We've got no time for your revolution
It's a lot of hot air and it leaves me so cold
You're all a bunch of jerks in cool seclusion
You never broke a rule cuz you never got soul

How much now do you care
Really care about your cause?
You don't care at all
You're just spray painting walls
You won't go down at all
You're packing up and leaving town
Shut it
Shut it up
Shut it down

No you don't care at all
No you don't care at all
You're standing on graffiti wall
Trying to act so hard like somebody you saw
Standing up and standing tall
But that's not you now, is it?
Cuz you don't care at all
You're in another club
You're in another clique

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Composição: Dave Petersen / Squad Five-O. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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