You got the wrong think right
You go insane
This is a story of
Which is not to blame
Come on and listen now
I tell it you
Are not afraid of me
I tell the truth

Bereft of senses
Bewitched in a way
To get this horror of my mind

I got the power of dissatisfied
You wanna knock me down
I'm getting tied
Every man has his price
You becoming rich
You are a keeper now
Of this old bitch


The fat is in the fire
Fuck off any rules
Come on friends
And stay tonight
Hey what's going on
You are too shy
It's a dream of easy living
Of loving and forgivin'
You don't know

Bereft of senses
Bewitched in a way
That's what we play
Come on friends
And fuck off any rules
You can't trust in this game
Come on
Fuck off any rules



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