Yo, for the nigga mention my name I let him know the deal
I`m the nigga, same nigga, thought was a lame nigga
Now I push a Range nigga, you know the name nigga
Peep the Iceberg jeans, the ice chain nigga
And if I got beef I let the whole world know it
So if you got beef let the whole world know it
Yaun take it to the streets let the whole world know it
It`s the chance for your big career, don`t blow it
Or get it blown from the top gun nigga
I ain`t finished talkin `bout it `till ya top gone nigga
Dissin my crew you catch hot ones
I`m hot son, yo that`s why I carry hot guns
I`m on a beach in L.A. fuckin fly misses
While you niggas at the crib tryna` find misses
Yo I`m gettin head from the Mexican dime bitches
Them niggas mad `cause they riches ain`t like my riches

A yo, I`m Murphey Lee the school boy
The civilized jewel boy
I got not one, two, three, four, five, but six whores
For equality, vocal can be and wallabies
I smoke a lot like a .. it got me boomin like bad-a-bing
Rap, don`t gotta sing `cause I get my hum on
Actually I get hummed on
Hoes tongues be on my dong dong
yeabadee long, head at night, head in the morn
Lunatic, five strong, king kong`s are writin songs
Cats be gettin gone thinkin they got it goin on
Folks brought you a brawl, it all started in ya home
Check the background, St. Louis clown from the U-Town
Fourteen, pimp of the year like Dru Down
Same crew now, it`s too damn quiet but too loud
Hoes be pretendin always sayin they too proud
If I ruled the world, I do now
Me and the `Tics `bout to rack `em and move the crowd

Call the cops, (why) I see a robbery i.

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Composição: Jason Jay E Epperson / Nelly. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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