I 've spent
My life
Running from the emptiness
That haunts me
And I've spent
My whole life
Trying to fuck
The loneliness away

And I die
When I think of all the people
I have damaged

And I'm tired
I'm so tired
But there's no one else
Except myself to blame

My life's been wasted
Everything is gone
My life's been wasted
And I am all alone
My life's been wasted
There is no one left
My life's been wasted
It's time I face myself

I've spent
My life
Trapped inside
A cycle of self destruction

And I've spent
My whole life
Trying to numb
The pain inside my soul

To night
And I cried
When I realized
I fought this war with no one but me

I'm tired
I'm so fucking tired
But I find a way to keep my faith alive

When I reach the end
Will anything I've done
Mean anything?

Will anything I've done mean anything? (x3)


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