Minecraft Is For Everyone


Strolling, down the street, the square street
A fair sheet of square sleet below my feet
Creeper's what they call me, but even I see,
That all of this beauty can fill me with such glee
Look at this tall tree, it's nature's majesty
Would it be so bad if someone blew the fuck out of it?
This sweet pig here, alone walking around
He has the perfect face for getting ripped
From the inside fucking out!

Hey Mr. Creeper!
There's no need for that kind of language
Fuck you!

The only f word is fun!
Life's even sweeter without explosions!

Minecraft is for everyone!

Let's all be nice today, everyone is at play
And there's no need to blow them away!
Oh, hi! Let's go help those two guys build a house and
Nope, nope, see, this is exactly what I'm talking about

If you've gotta curse, just say the word fudge, aptly no one will judge

No more exploding or cursing, no one else has to die! Okay?
Fuck it, I'll try
Okay, we're off to a bad start, but that's fine

I'm on a nice kick, I'll make some friends quick!
I don't have many because everyone's a huge diii-aaauugh
I have to admit, I just might lose it, having to give up my favorite things is funky bullshrimp!
Oh man, it's hard not to be mean

Hey guys, do you need any help writing lyrics?
No, you don't know anything about minecraft music!
But- but I'm notch!
More like notch-yo song!
Oh shhhugar-snap peas I went there!

Tee hee!
We're so happy and free!
Let's clear away the debris
From all the ruined lives of your killing spree!
It's fun! To be nice to some one, they'll really love you a ton!
You know what? Why don't you kneel down and kiss my creepy-
Buns! There's so much love and magic in rapture, hearts will be captured!
Monkey fighting glass bowl mother scratcher!
We just learned a lesson, creepers can make amends!
Guess what? You're my new frie

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Composição: Arin Joseph Hanson / Brian Alexander Wecht / Leigh Daniel Avidan. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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