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For Ladies Only


What you say to drive that girl away
When she's the one and only?
Who's the one that you been leanin' on
Ev'ry time that you were down and lonely?
How many times did you say to yourself that woman is the devil'stool?
Somehow you knew that you blew it again and didn't wanna looklike a ravin fool
But when you need affection
You go to her with a smilin' face
But now she's got a strange reaction

For ladies only
Tired of talkin' 'till somebody hears
For ladies only
Half the world has been built upon their tears

If you've been contemplatin' just what you're doin' wrong
Then you will be a witness to the rumble goin' on
You fight it hard to tell apart the truth from the jive
They've got a right to say it wrong if freedom's to survive
Now if you don't believe your own reflection
Just take a look at all your smooth talkin' friends
I'm sure you'll make the right connection


I'll give you my donation to help the cause along
I'll make my contribution 'till the fight has been won
But when my bedroom closes one thing remains
Man, woman, hog or dog, I'm callin' the plays
And if you find the need to raise objections
Don't talk to me 'bout your wasted time
You know you made your own selections

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Composição: J. Kay / J. Edmonton / K. Henry / G. Mcjohn. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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