You're more than my addiction,
You're the beautiful one that I have found.
You're my secret,
And I've waited for far too long (what's going on?)
You've been such an affliction,
Condescending to me I will hold you down,
'Til I show you,
What it's like to be betrayed.

Chorus: You wait for me to forget what I have felt for so long…
I will, find you in the darkest room you hide in.
I will, find you and you know I will.

You're your own contradiction,
It's deceiving,
When you smile and scream.
You're confusing,
At the same time abusing me.
And no matter what you think,
How convincing you are you can't fool me,
Cause I know you,
And I'll show you to feel the same.
You'll never stop me looking for you…


You don't have to hide from me anymore,
(You don't have to hide from me anymore)
Cause I know everything about you,
That you don't know about me,
No you don't have to hide from me anymore,
Cause I'm coming to find,
To find…


Can't eh, can't eh, can't escape from me (4x)

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