Plastic california
looks like blackpool
outta date
some love some hate
it's all your competition
it's not my occupation true
but it's what you do
some love some hate
i like pink architecture
flip back my red strip deck chair
prove we got nothing to prove
gin stroke amnesia problems
overhearing talk of hollywood
we wish we could ya should
some love and some hate
it's a beatiful place for nature
and all the beautiful people make it true
police are looking around at twenty three
they found her hanging from her swollen
feet they saw her dance last in woolworth street
she loved to take her clothes off
she got the nick name porta bubble joan
they found her dead, dead as nails at home
and she said i'm gonna be another marylin
bleach my head and get real thin
and everybody wants to be the carnival queen
everybody wants to be the carnival
king or queen
we all read the books
she takes her clothes off one by one
off again

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