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Creep Motel

Steve Lukather

There is something wrong with the song
that you sing it's really about yourself
Just a hate for the sake of the thing
You wish you were someone else

It doesn't take a crystal ball
to see you kinda psycho every home
your evolution is back to unfold
you mock the meat you feed it on

Save your bullshit
You know the smell
i know the devil has reserved your place in hell
time to check in at the creep motel (creep motel)
as you taste the bitter pil you know so well

It's never right when the life that you lead
Is nothing but a shadow on the wall
All the love and the blood that you leach
Will surely be the author of your fall

You don't even see the irony
the definition is not to be escaped
you found a medium for mockery
i hope you're chokin' on your plate


It doesn't take a crystal ball
to see you kinda fucked up every home
You spend your life with your face to the wall
and mock the meat you're bleeding on



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