History repeats itself again..when will this all end.. and when will we begin..i guess until you have no one left to offend.. why must we be left alone..we'll never make it on our own.. one mind one heart one soul to find another way for us to see eye to eye..
when will understand we let ourselves down again.. and the time it takes for us to hate is the time it takes for this to end.. why cant we set aside these differences placed in our minds why cant we close our eyes and live our lives colorblind..
look at the mess we've made.. we let our selves be ruined by our hate.. its never to late to change.. look at the ruins we create.. one another we underestimate.. and its never to late to change.. what do we need to do to live in sanctuary is this all really necessary.. to discriminate based on race our steps we must retrace.. and put ourselves in each others place.. our hearts have been misplaced.

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