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Kill The Light

Stretch Arm Strong

As we sit around watching days go by
Afraid to ask the questions because of the answers we mightfind.
Comfort breeds contentment. Confrontation fosters resentment
and slowly we grow cold as we watch ourselves implode.
Cynicism is not a sign of intelligence. Deny the spirit-a crimeof negligence.
Pushing back what has been given. Come to terms with the way weare livin'.
Observing the light's dying glow. As we watch ourselvesimplode.
Mocking what we don't understand. Biting off the giving hand.
Our poorest questions answered in fact, never think of offereingback.
We must be scared of contemplation. Our will to search lost inisolation. Work!
And so it goes. And so we go. And so it goes along and so we movealong.
Cut the nose. Spite the face. On this road without a trace.Without a trace.

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