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What makes me say this? i guess i know. a desire to express my
feelings. a desire not to let it go. what keeps me here whenwe're
so far apart. a commitment i've made. it's been planted in myheart.
"do the right thing" is a phrase that's so cliche. i try to keepmy spirits
up my energy just won't fade. you said a mouthful but you never
opened up your mouth. you built the bridge and i burned itdown.
you saw it all yet you never blinked an eye. you gave meeverything
and i pushed it all aside. is it more than music? haven't weheard it all
before? so tell me. what is it that we keep striving for? will itmake a
difference if i quit the race? i know it wont. my energy fades.
tell me one thing. was it ever real? the way you made me act.
the way you made me feel. do you remember from the very start?
it's been so long ago. i think that i forgot. you built thebridge.
i burned it down.

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