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Celebrate the Rain

Sub-Urban Tribe

Heatwaves and Dry White Sand
Drifting in a Desrt Searching For the Promised Land
Don't Know Where I Am
Vibrations in the Stale Air
Creating a Mirage Looking With a Blank Stare
Am I Already There

She Came On Like a Wild Rain Storm
All Over Me
From the Clear Blue Sky
She Hit Me With a Sweet Suprise

Celebrate the Rain
The Sweet Summer Rain
Celebrate the Sweet Summer Rain

Compelling Weird Feeling
Just Like a Strong Urge Tempting Me to Sin
I'm Giving In
Bestial Thirst and Heat
Curving My Instincts, Salty Turns Into Sweet
It's All I Need

Wet Whispers
Silent Cries
She's a Devil in Disguise
Show Me All the Hidden Delights
Let Me Taste Your Sweet Love
You Sweet Love

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