Be it your guide
Is so much to love
You can hide your love, its true
Its the freedom game
You can see it everyday
But your freedom ain't free

Come on down,
I know how
I'm gonna make you so feared
Dont you know it aint no thing before
So don't take more than you need
Its something that I'll do later
Now its over
Its not my fault

Under my voodoo
It´s under my voodoo

Pray that I leave you high and dry
Pray you can make me cry
If you faded, put it my prayers
I damn my feeling, I roll on
I tell you the truth
It ain´t no thing
If you want get to get real dry, one thing thougth
Gonna kill for it, more, more, it´s not my fault, it´s got me
And I´m gone, gone, gone

Under my voodoo
Under my voodoo
It´s under my voodoo
Lord, hey, voodoo
Lord, hey, voodoo
What´cho want to, want to, want to.

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