Find you here no more
Just an empty space
Everything is sleeping
In this shadow

All files erased
All memories replaced
Everything is waiting
In this shadow

I can't let go now of this shadow
I won't let go now of this…

I remember your hands
Tugging me like a rope
To my perdition, to my desire

I remember your voice
Calling me in your embrace,
Soothing me, consoling me, drowning me

When you stole from my room
The mark and all the precious words that you
Left upon my soul
Wouldn't let me grow
Wouldn't let me find my way

The world got much older then
And i wonder if i tried
To strip my life of all you were,
To cover all the tracks
That led us to our yesterdays

I paint ourselves in pictures,
Unsheltered yet unspoiled,
The frames are made of liquid air
Of the moon and starlight

I need to fill the space with all my yearning
To quench my thirst with all songs that you left me,
It's time now to elevate the myth of you

Still walking with your ghost
Still walking with your ghost

So lead me out of this darkness and this shadow
So i can begin where we ended then,
It's time now to minimize the myth of you

Forever walking with your ghost
I'm walking with your ghost
Cause forever i'm walking with your
I'm walking with your light alone

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Composição: Arno Menses / Markus Steffen · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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