Daylight sleeps as night falls
And marks the end of the day
While half the world lies sleeping
The other will start to find its lonely way

What do we do when no one needs us
Where can we go when no one cares

What do we do when no one wants us
Living a life with nothing there
Open our eyes to a new beginning
Open our minds to a paradigm
Open our hearts to an understanding
In the face of adversity, not this time

I will walk this earth
I will clence this life
And i can justify my reasons
Propaganda has run strong
Etimology's sacred song
As they will multiply their legions
Garvity holding me, space surrounding me
The threats of life as they keep binding me

Wire in the blood, engine in the heart
Ignite the light i feel is fueling me

I understand the reasons why i fall apart
Finding my strength, controlling pain
A stronger and fuller heart which yet i have to gain

And in my paradigm i see my inner self
It's looking back at me, my entity
A life-support with reason and intend

Through these eyes
For everything that i have seen
And my empathy that fills the spaces in between

As i am standing here
Bathing in the morning light
As time moves forward i can understand
That in all of my empty thoughts lie

For all the things that be
And for all the things i see
Energy that all around is holding me
Me lifeline through the matrix of our times

Close my eyes so i may see
Into the blinding light

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Composição: Alan Williamson / Arno Menses. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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