Everything you thought or were led to believe was a misconception
This unsafe approach at life has killed all hope within.
Worthless attempts of achieving happiness Disgusted, mistrusted, betrayed and persuadedReveling such feelings, mistakes of disgrace
The shock and disbelief of reality SETS IN The weight of the world CRUSHES
These pains within are intolerable
Changes are of utmost importance.
Intolerable ways of living brought on by oneself.
Waiting to be let down, Depression, remove for all negative surroundings
False perceptions broken dreams
Living this unhappy life is not worth living Whose life to take? Mine or theirs
Dismiss the anguish brought one self.
Relearn how to live and only trust yourself.
Disgusted, mistrusted, betrayed and persuaded
Reveling such feelings, mistakes of disgrace
Obsession, Betrayal, Murder, Suicide
Negative energy trapped and enraged
Unable to fix what has/is
Essence of death kills all in its path.

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