I'll....I'll teach you little angles
I'll take you faraway but
I'll teach them how to use the harmonica
Something, I mean I'll just do something like....

My punctuality is well known
When the revolution takes place
I'll be late and I'll be shot
As a traitor

Björk : Oh, sun rises

When the sun rises I will not see
I regret nothing, it was worth it
Going through live without a timepiece
Did pay off

Björk : Sun rises, I will not see (sun)

My reward to be free and alone
Leaven now at the pillar, blindfold at sunrise
Hearing the drums of Catalan
Beating my time away

Björk : The sun rises, I will not, I will not see

My heartbeat keeps time with the drums
But soon my only pulse will fade away

Björk : Sun rises, I will not see

I smile just knowing when the sun rises

Björk : (the sun rises....)

I will not see

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