The world has fallen to its knees
Filling us with insecurity
Our world is lost, which brings us all to plea
Where must we go, to find a place to breath

Which path must we follow to rid all this filth
Hope for a new tomorrow as our past's rebuilt
I feel this loosing where your right, from your arms

As the day breaks, and the sun has set
I hide my tears within
These wounded eyes, have come to far
To watch destruction, pay its tool

I'm the same as you i run away
With you watching i've had enough
Were the same for your lies
Why must we run from ourselves when weve come this far
Now we flee to places unmarked

How come we cant make a truce upon loyal ground

And now i know. where its gone (gone)
All weve seen, has been a lie (lie)
Now there waiting, to show demise

Your idols, arent what they seem
Your idols, are within a dream

Now your lost, inside yourself
Another victim of tragedy

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