I search for shelter
in the shadows
Got my back against the wall
Since you walked away
You gave me one more
promise to break
Got to find my place in life
Then I'll be back again

I'm here all alone
Living in hope
When will I learn
I'm haunted by fear
Imagine what the
future will bring

I'm never giving in
Holding on forever
I'm stronger when I'm with you
One battle left to win
I'll fight it and I'd die for you
Until my dreams come true

I hear you calling out my name
Breaks the silence for a while
Know something must be wrong
In a sudden breeze
my blood running cold
Sending shivers down my spine
In a flash it all is gone

I'm still alone
Living in hope
I'll never learn
I'm haunted by fear
Knowing what the future will bring

Your life swept away
Like a castle made of sand in the wind
Now the night kills the day
I'm hiding in the shadows again

SOLO: Tobias Wernersson

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