No One Believes In Love Anymore

Susanne Sundfor

No one believes in love anymore
They throw away the keys, no one knocked on the door
No one knocked on the door, knocked on the door
You reap what you sow, no one knocked on the door

Pain is pleasure and then just pain
Chasing the thunder and lost in the rain
You are lost in the rain, lost in the rain
Yourself to blame, you are lost in the rain

The skin so enticing, the thrill of the sting
Then drops the stinger and the spinning begins
Oh, yes, the spinning begins, the spinning begins
The world has gone off the hinges, and the spinning begins

A downards spiral, punctured balloon
Disfigured and pale looking up at the moon
Looking up at the moon, up at the moon
We’ll all get there soon, looking up at the moon

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