Take away this pain inside.
I can't feel my face.
Words can't describe.
So far away.
So far
That I can't go to sleep.
The way that i feel tonight.

Im fazed by days.
Mocked by all.
I begin to see what we are.
And now, I know.
There's no way I can sleep.
The way that I feel tonight.

And I would work.
Until my hands bleed to feed you.
Because you're the well that I drink from.
And toss all of my wishes in.
You're the five dollars I found in my pocket
That I didn't know I had.
I didn't trust.
That there were people like you in this world.
But I guess.
That's what tears are for.

This can't keep us apart(4x)

I stay awake.
And think about you.
Holding on to these dreams.
And why, I guess that I may as well sleep.
The way that i feel tonight.

This can't keep us apart (3x)

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