I came upon a row of pretty houses
So still and secretive and nearly perfect
Said to myself "it may be worth it"
Thought to myself "maybe you'll be worthy"

So I started to take the long way home
And in my mind I made the neighborhood my own
Started to save but I just owed too much dough

Ten odd years, down a different road
I'd left my city and I'd left my home
I found myself in that place again
Some kind of pretty little accident

It made me feel sick of being
Like I was old and convalescing
Gave me reasons to regret
Made me wanna forget

So I guess the grass is always greener
Where all the other homes are so much cleaner
The plumbing's sound and the bills are no bother
The cars are fast and the weather's a wonder

No, I'm never gonna take the long way home
I might stop to chew the scenery alone
But I won't swallow it whole

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