Foto do artista Swingin' Utters

Angels Pissing On Your Head

Swingin' Utters

if i thought for just one second that i could get away with it i'd make a bid for the foundry and save this sinking ship a friend was downtown to protest something he wouldn't admit where bums under threshold canopies prove shoppers aren't worth the fit from angels pissing on your head
now i stopped you from coming back and never received a thanks you said your dreams are farthest from the truth here in burmingham top rank and there's nothing better to do than withdraw money from the bank and every night ends up in the drunk tank four walls can't protect from angels pissing on your head
a pint of piss, to me, is better than an empty glass of yesterday when jesus, mary, joseph were heard frequently, and then you said life's a dream and your always wide awake do you need some pills to get you on your way? i said chances are usually what i take but at this age its a pathetic stab at fate, and it's happy hour and i'm 60 minutes late from angels pissing on your head

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