Only passing thoughts of times long gone, tonight 9000 miles away I hear your songs, but I - I seek the comfort of the bottle and then I let my mind to wander to the face that I knew and to the places that I went with you
You told me all your stories through the trebled din but I haven't finished drinking so please tell them all again
The brazen head, you overwhelm me with the powers of an ancient spell old and the new, they come around to spend their time with you ten years I dreamed about you now I haven't had a drink without you a toast for those who've passed and to the rest let's finish off the glass
Well, let me tell you about how I've sinned and all the places that I've been all the battles that I've lost and all scars that I've caused 'cause if there's one thing that I know it's that all these people they come and go so that is all and that was then but I'll come back and do it again I just wanna have you close to me Twenty-three

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