Foto do artista Swingin' Utters

Military Barbara Billingsley

Swingin' Utters

Hey hey hey Tina Fey
I think I'm gay for Louise C.K.
And Ricky Gervais
I think they're ace
And Jon Stewart's hair
And Stephen Colbert
Are they unaware?
Are they under there?

Wasting time wishing on a satellite

All you douchebags calling me a homo
Won't be invited to Lake Como

It's exciting and it's killing me
Your design's just not thrilling me
Oh so very military
Barbara Billingsley
Oh won't you please roll away the stone
To show that you are home

When you think the night has seen your mind
That inside you're twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
That inside you're twisted and unkind

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