Time has given me everything I need
Lust, pride, gluttony, and relief
Tomorrow weighs down like
Clouds hung in the sky
But right now I'm feeling like
A rotten present from this life of mine
So what's there to laugh about?

I saw a sign in a window
A bold announcement of the facts
They got me crying on my pillow
The only way I can react

I got along until the first night passed me
and left me with a new arriving
Nothing quite as new as before
something missing, so I looked for more

I catch a train to the next town's station
A busy place with a big town's tension
Reminding me of that place I'd left
Back home where most of my young life I'd spent

I moved like a shadow through a slew of streets
Made like the victim in a crowd of thieves
Just like it was back home
Just like it was back home
And my sentiment caught up with me, of course

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