Times have changed and the change of time's slow going my ramble tamble's still in tact and I've got plenty guts still showing all along the levy where we just sat and sometimes drank one the weeds are growing over all of our summer days long gone
Just take me to the riverbank with no clouds in the sky and if you do, I won't give my thanks but I'll stay there, till I die
I've grown and shedded some I've shed the ones I used to care for it seems they're all long dead and gone but they're still up to the same chores along the endless streets that are now breeds of walking feet that I just don't have the time for
Now I start to save my time pack my things and say good-bye unsatisfied and anxious now I want to blow away from here just take me to the riverbank just take me to the riverbank where waters run like some mistake and I can make my history.

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