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Fuel Injected

Swollen Members

Swollen members gonna make u stop
Take a minute and remember who takes the top
Leave the critics and ur time it up
Just admit it everybody knows this crime is up
It's hot shit

Perfected but not invented
Ryhmes from the ego driven self centered
Enter the fast lane and never got dented
life in a flash hypes (??) and cash
three of my favourite word has made this
more hits than the majors up from the minors
bust from the top dot cops and sirens
fresh out the shop poppin n stylin

Madchild, wildin nonidentical
the cynical is medical condition is critical
unforgettable Swollen Members beautiful
language unsuittable tention n onic
Coastal Chronic track got Moka on it
independant with a diffirent perspective
select effective next single on exit
the young and the restless fool fuel innjected

Chorus 2x
Swollen Members gunna make us stop
take a minute and remember who takes the top
to the critics and the civils your time is up
just admit it everybody knows this crime is up
It's hot shit

Yall aint got it so dont even think about it
Cuz I'm tough if ya know the top
Swollen Members, Moka Only gonna take the shot
If you think you betcha know you better press for why
you can mop it in your song and repossess your mind
if you front it you can blow or you can testify
someone else was about what it takes to climb
whenever battle axe warriors come out to play
you can bet we gunna do it in a thousand way
and we sweating off the duel we resuscitate
members only rock, shit, mothafuckin bait, it's hot shit

How many albums bought n sold
triple ghetto gold rocked and rolled
sound, mixed and mastiff
stick with the program, get payed after
TV shows, zeens and magz
positive feedback, jeans still sagged
hands still knocked, Prevails gets props
the same as always rising to the top

With the sworm of excitement
fighting form we invite critisicm
rhyme shine like prism
spit flames we see in 3D vision
even my people play CD in prison
ah, bad decision, fatal error
get scars from bars and barbaric terror
we own lable never get dropped
now the crew combined and we cant be stopped

Chorus 4x

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