Chorus (2x):
it'z like romeo and juliet
hot sex on a plattah juss to get you wet
you'z about to get in sumthin you will neva regret
and it'z gonna be da bomb
dis iz wut i bet

Verse 1:
since da first time i saw you
i knew i wuz attracted
reacted to da fact
on how you make meeh act
shai but sexy at da same time
alwayz on mah mind wuz a little bump & grind
usually i don't play it dat close
you gotz to kick it wid meeh
before i serve you up wid an overdose
of dat bomb ass punani
make you mah man
ain't got no love
for nobody else but you
cuz you'z mah boo
i prove to you
mah love beeh true
so do you know where you're goin to
thru thick and thin babie you all in
time will reveal
that mah love for you will neva end
my heart keeps tickin
no time for trickin
you're who i'm pickin
so lay meeh down
juss give it a good lickin
i'll treat you like mah king cuz you're royal
and onlee give mah love to you
because i'm loyal
escape wid meeh
come ova to mah place
i'll teach you a few thangz
in love makin now i can't wait
i won't wait
so take meeh by mah arms and rock meeh bebe
cuz i'mma alwayz and 4eva beeh your ladie

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2:
afta our first nite
you discovered who's da bombest mommie
L.A.'s finest wid mah top dawgs all around meeh
down to ride
harder den bonnie and clyde
wid sexual healings
deep feelings
babie check mah vibe
there'll neva be
a love like meeh
dat got yo' back in dis industry
dat got yo' back in these streets
so you don't haveta worry 'bout meeh
on da creep
and i don't want you eva to try to play meeh cheap
cuz i don't sleep around
be-cuz i'm sleezy
good less and talk 'bout mah big homie eazy
i gotz to compliment you on how you pleez meeh
touch meeh but don't tease meeh
now put it in nice and eazy
now rub mah body down i'm feelin queezy
and cuddle up to meeh
cuz now i'm gettin sleepy
but i'mma be dedicated
to dis relation
so stay away frum all dem cowards
so we cannot be playa hated
cuz if you wid meeh booty
keep it real
and if i catch you sleepin around
den i'm gon' haveta chill
when you find good love
you besta keep it
i'm puttin all mah sistahs up on game
so won't you peep it

Chorus (6x)

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