Sittin in a restaraunt and she walks by
i seem to recall that certain look in your eye
i said whos that you said with a smile
oh its nobody aww nobody
maybe that explains the last two weeks
you call me up dead on your feet
working late again i ask who with
you said nobody aww nobody

well your nobody called today
she hung up when i asked her name
well i wonder
does she think shes being clever
you say nobodys after you
the fact is what you say is true
but i can love you like nobody can
even better

late last night we went for a drive
you were miles away
i asked whose on your mind
you said nobody why do you ask
oh its her again
i couldve told you that
we came back home got ready for be
i said to myself ive got one shot left
your still mine and i wont stand in line behind nobody awwnobody

repeat chorus
repeat chorus
repeat chorus

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