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Six Feet Under


[had to guess a bit...don't know all of the words. Help?]

My blood curdles
Even in my face (?)
'Cause it's killing you
Drown away my fate
The way it happens
Will be so sweet
Gonna get you beat
It'll only be the beginning

Just remember who made you
You were nothing
Then I created you
And then you
______ this weak little thing
When I made you what you are today.

We don't ___ your money
Or your ____.
I say "now my mind's at ease"

Tie you up
_____ please
Oh god, please set me free
____ at you (ha)
I laugh and smile (ha ha ha)
Cutting at your neck
The blood running down…

Never before have you seen such an eclipse
Two sides coming together like this
I took pity on you
You spit it in my face
Now I'm here, bitch
To put you in your place
Coming back; Come together to put you down
Ya mother fucker! Stupid bitch! Asshole clown!
Here we come, to a feet ?
Now it's our turn
Now we want to be

We don't ____ your money
Or your ____.
I say "now my mind's at ease"

We're only alive
To put you down
You realize your place
Six feet under the ground


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