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Turn This Up


Turn this up, in ya truck, or tha jeep
wi' tha beat, if ya know I go heat,
them bump it, bump it,
Cadillacs better dump it, dump it,
everybody better turn this up,
for my thugs wit chucks in tha clubs,
with that ladies and tha broads,
just bump it, bump it,
DJs better dump it, dump it

For all tha homies in tha hood,
that be phenin' for something they can believe in,
ain't no reason not to play it loud,
crank it patna,
make my ghetto people scream and shout,
play it loud whil I grab this mic and
show everybody how we be doing it
when we be chilling on tha Westside,
when we cruisin' we turn the volume up sky high,
bump tha bass
so you can feel tha vibe,
now let me show you how we do it in the SCA
where tha bloods and tha crips
play wit' Aks and ESES,
from LA get tatoos of gangs and tha 13,
crank this jam
in ya E-Class,
wit' tha 20 inch rims and that wood grain dash,
white leather with tha DVD,
TVs play it loud in ya SUV

Dump this bass
in ya 20 inch Pioneer speakers
for ya rougues and tha chicas, Boriquas and tha Nicas,
tha Indians, Cherokees and tha Incas
Turn this up
in the hood or ya barrio,
the buro or ya car yo,
Chevy Monte Carlo, or ya Lamborghini Diablo,
Nod yo head
roll tha top down,
let that world know how us West Ridas
get down from Indlewood to the CPT,
oaktown, Riscos to tha NYC.

Turn this up
in tha middle of rush hour traffic,
or projects where the thugs get drastic, blast it,
in club where tha broads be dancing,
turn this up
in ya Chevy Nova, Escalade, Porsche,
or ya Rangerover, Navigator, Bentley, or ya Toyota,
or the Pinto on blocks wit' the broke motor.
Turn this up
put the windows down,
let tha world hear this BoneyBone Corleone sound,
when I'm flippin' and kickin' throwin' out
tha wicked and spittin', lyrical styles
that got ya buggin' out and trippin'.

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Composição: Rene M.C. T-Bone Sotomayor / Tony Nicholas. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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