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Steal The Radio

T. Mills

I'm'a steal the radio (steal the radio) (x4)
Lay down i'm taking over
Turn it up then replay it over

You cant go anywhere without hearing me
Cause the airwaves gon play this
I'm here now just made it
It's real talk cant fake it
That's why i can say this
(i'm'a steal the radio)
Listen evrywhere you go

I'm killin em the sabario
They love me marriage material
I'm'a con man with these songs man
It didn't take me long (damm)
This music stuff is my strong hand
And this rite here is my new jam
I'm'a steal the radio (x8)
Now that its been stolen
And the game is in my grasp now
I'm holding on with all my might
So don't ask for a hand out

Or a hand me down i cant stand it now
These favorites are like family now
Change the dail, wait leave it here
Crazy to think what i did in a year
When i look in the mirror all i see

Is greatness lookin back at me
I got stereo's for a cd's
But all i want this stations paying me
And had those dj's playing me
And had me selling out hella seats
Leave the show hit my suite
And see my self on mtv
I'm'a steal the radio (x9)