Making my way through old photographs
Of the night when you first stood by my side
Old friends with smiles some are here some are gone
Good memories of our senior high
Looking back we're the only couple still together
Even then I knew this love would be forever, I knew

Coz there's nobody else in the world that could love you
Any more than I do, always here for you
Nobody else in this world could love you more
Nobody could love you any more than I do
I'm still here for you

Our lives have all changed we've some a long way
Our faces show the lines of two young sons
And in their houses there will be pictures
Like the ones of you and me
Hope they can look back and smile just like we have done
Never once have I ever felt the need for another
We were strong and survived the storm in time to discover
To discover one another


All of the smiles we have won
Jjust from looking back and reliving all the good times
And when we've been through all the pages
We just start again, we just start again, oh


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