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exibições de letras 193

Who's that on my answering machine
Leaving me a message freak my dreams -
Got my number from a friend at a magazine
X-Friend now all my calls they get screened
Yo I'm over minor leagues
Now I'm up in the game
For a fee of 2 G's trademark my name
Leroy I be the mellow never front on the fame
But there's a hole in yo brain a gap a synapse
In my synopsis it started w 2 struggling rappers
There was u the unemployed
I freaked commercials as an actor
Tryin' to make moves but u was all about yo mouth
U got gassed up by ya moms ay yo I had to break out
Ya laughed I held u back heard u whisper what I lack
But when u 2 faced your rep gets smoked like stems of crack
U better run from me homey
Ya heard Leroy said what's the matter wit u boy

Leroy, what are u doin'!

Like Lauryn Hill say music is supposed to inspire
I signed w RCA peace to Seymour at Sire
Ya quick ta brag about ya wack MC battles in Long Island
Who ya sign with Leroy the phone goes silent
Ooh u didn't call me when u was dissin' my demo
Ooh -u didn't call me when u was coolin' in the limo of my'
Favorite rapper damn u had a crush on him
Leroy ya just a greedy groupie male groupies ain't in
So I think that Tarsha Vega need the caller I.D.
Ya bugga boo ya buggin' me don't take it personally
I flee from those who do the shifty
bag em in the Hefty w the cinch sack u yap
I snap ya back like Richard Pryor
U a big mouth and I'm the orthodontist w the pliers and
The wires in a crossword puzzle

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