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Little pills

Tech N9ne

ryed to move right thro its like life or never
(its liek i never make it)
make it better
(give me pills let me take it)
Cant change the weather
I'm goin back to where i've been
hope somebody lets me in
I need shelter form myself
if you cna hear me please send help

It's raining in my mind
another storm another day yeah
these little pills wont change my mind
becuase they dont make me go well
it keeps n raining in my head another storm another day yeah
these little pills wont chancge my mind
becasue they dont make me go well
it keeps raining

Its over [x23]

Can only see myself is enybody there
(i aint even myself enymore)
if you could be myself you'd understand me clear
(pick myself up off the floor)
and if i die today it'd take my pain away
cuz its floodin and im drowning and its liberating me


Its over [x23]

[Tech N9ne:]
lets find a way to run away from life full of pain and strife
wat direction i goin i cant tell now
Mr. 7-20 Nina tells me im hell bound
the IRS is on my ass now for the check i didnt cash
and the levey from child suport makes me fele liek i fell down
so im lookin for extacy pills tech is the nect to be thrill'd
seconds form method we ill daily my brians cookin the recapie
will pack and best of me
kills section of seven i feel crazy
hit the club at night with alil drug in my life
im will sure lovin it real hivey im deliverin
with my feet out my sight seperate from my wife
in the middle of a crisise im high shacki nand shiver'n
rollin balls im related and im goin dumb now
drinkin luqoir and i faint'd and havin fun now
loud'd gun and im trippin wiht every one around
keep me stiuck i nthe sky andi never wanan come down

Its over [x17]