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Put some weight on it
dance for me now

[Tech N9ne]
Ya You have now entered your girls phsyce
you no longer have to wonder where she might be
you seem to be mis-lead bout her line of work
dont get your fellings hurt cause I done seen her (twerk)
she told you that she work for sprint cleverly
but something so thick well just an occupation will never be
and what she makin it sounds good like laraby
but she says she specialize in message therapy
you a dummy , your chick is gettin money
from lettin these ballaholics lay deep off in her tummy
just like fat tone say, I know what she did
suck dick all day and went kiss on your kids
now shes kissin on you, instead spittin she true
yet your lovin that she ballin but she twistin the crew
pissin on who white dudes be friskin your boo
call girl by the night is what she fixin to do
homie re-evaluate it cause your woman might be
bad for brothas like you good for niggas like me
look away partna let your lady go to work
its bout to be the first, so baby go on and (twerk)

[chorus] [Kaliko]
hey shorty whats your name
whats you willin to do for me to tip that thang
you better twerk sum'n(put some weight on it)
baby girl ya better work sum'n (dance for me now)

[Krizz Kaliko]
girl hey stop put some weight on it
dont wanna give it to me mama ima wait on it
baby you worth it
not just cause the way you twerk it
this urk a jerk it
got me feelin like your perfect and ima try it
i know you got a man
ill be your man on the side and we can find a place to hide out
hey and if you slide out
baby be carful just what you lyin bout nobody can find out
sex been part of her since the start of her
mama was a harlin
and she gave it to her daughter and i love it (i love it)
so throw that ass at me and ima throw it back like a quarterback cause its lookin sorta fat
pay for your schoolin with the lap dance
and after we can advance to somethin
deep you wantin me to feed the meter
pull you away for a minute
from that jerk while you work
and lets to the back and close the curtain cause i love the way you

chorus x2

[Snug Brim]
damn you lookin like youcanova so put the lock on me girl i heard that yous a trooper we in the strip club of course i got plenty chalupa you see these stacks on the table ima let them pursue ya my mouth dont say a word you know what i wanna see come place that pretty round brown right in front of me no disrespect but bend over let me lift the skirt im fittin to slap some naked ass while i watch it twerk

we watch work watch it pop watch it jerk leave a couple thousand on the table you can watch it first lil niggas have your fun the skatterman is goin to flirt strange lane in the building all the bitches goin berserk all day shes a service rep at nextel but when she get home to you she got that sex smell exhale nigga get your thumb out your butt i know it hurts for you to find out your wife is a slut

[chorus x2]